13 Sep 2013

I just thought of something. If we get the beach episode of Grojband, Kin is going to be walking around shirtless, and he will have no nipples!! And Kon will just have two sets of nipples, and everyone will just be acting like it’s normal.

It’s just I think of no nipple Kin and double nipple Kon, and my heart just kinda jumps excitedly.

12 Sep 2013
Mama and Daddy Beff Headcanons

So after finally finding Mr. Riffin’s blog (who rocks out the daddy skills), I looked at Carrie’s mom, and made a huge list of headcanons about her and Daddy Beff.

  • The Beff parents were rebels in their high school years, so when Carrie asked to start up The Newmans, they were super proud and happy.
  • Mr. Beff still has his motorcycle from collage, but only his wife rides it (he sometimes sits in the sidecar or behind her)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Beff dated in high-school, broke up to go to collage, and met again at a coffee shop during their break. Mrs. Beff was becoming a mechanic while Mr. Beff became a nerd and wanted a teaching profession.
  • When the reunited, she slid him her number and told him to call if he wanted to come back to the wild side. He called only one hour later.

  • When Mrs. Beff was pregnant with Mina and couldn’t work at the shop, Mr. Beff took a part time at the local bakery in a addition to his professor duties. (she still has pictures of him in his cute apron)
  • They dressed Mina up as Velma from Scooby Doo every Halloween when she was little (except for the motorcycle driver, where her helmet was too big)

  • Mrs. Beff has a rottweiler named ‘Ruffles’
  • Instead of camping, the Beff’s take their kids to dirtbike tracks and cliff-diving. (though Mina sometimes will sway them to stick to hot air balloons)

  • The Beff parents get along great with Mr. Riffin, but they pretend to not like him when Carrie’s around.
  • Mr. Beff is the one who makes Konnie’s T-shirt design into reality.

  • When the girls have sleep-overs, they put makeup on Mr. Beff. After which, they pose for photos.
  • Despite her toughness, Mrs. Beff makes a mean batch of cookies, so she and her husband bake the girls and Larry a feast of sweets after a gig.

  • Neither parent knows what Trina does to Mina. If they found out, Mrs. Riffin would take care of it quickly.
  • Mrs. Beff thinks Mina should be with Nick because he could protect her, but Mr. Beff can’t seem to handle his third person speech well enough for any progress to be made between the families.

  • Carrie is slightly embarrassed of her parents, so Mr. and Mrs. Beff like to hide during her gigs and shoot off fireworks for a finale.

Was that too many? Yeah, that was too many. Oh well, I’m just gonna post these here and skedaddle.

10 Sep 2013

So I was watching the Grojband game intro videos, and then

BAM! Something that isn’t even Corney, but still made me squee in a fangirlish manor. I calmed myself down, and all normal until

I proceeded to do a happy dance and scream once more.

Psh, who has a life outside of shipping?…Not me, that’s for sure.

9 Sep 2013


I was watching the trailer and I couldn’t help but notice that drawing in the left. Why is Corey standing next to those three gravestones looking all sad ? (Hope it’s not Laney, Kin and Kon)

And he’s standing next to the shortest one…Does this mean that maybe……………………….


5 Sep 2013


In this scene from Six Strings of Evil, you can hear the Newmans’ actual voices!

Wonder if that’s what Larry and Kim will end up sounding like when they actually speak…

I have been clicking the play button over and over for ten minutes. Larry sounds so cute!

30 Aug 2013

(I was gonna reblog this, but I didn’t want to pester NeptoonStudios with this fangirl rant.)

Currently?? Is this a slight opening to our Corney dreams? Is Corey, the oblivious yet love able rockstar, actually going to get a clue through his dense head?

In a headconon type way, I see this happening a year into the Grojband timeline (with no timetravel) on Comet Day.

Really, what if this time Corey and Laney switched personalities so that Corey was keeping secret love while Laney is able to be oblivious and have a free heart? If they could remember what happened, I’m pretty sure they would have the awkward shifting, slowly developing romance where he has to decide if he actually likes his best bro and she has to wait.

However, this is no cheesy romance manga (sadly enough) and we will most likely be left with few hints on how close the blue haired boy is to finding out the big “secret”.

But I still have this fanirl worry inside of me wondering if NeptoonStudios will leave us clinging to a Corney cliffhanger until they make more!!! I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M FLIPPING OUT OVER IT, BUT JUST IMAGINE COREY GETTING THIS SHOCKED, BLUSHY FACE AS HE TURNS TO THE SCREEN, SLAMS THE DOOR, AND IT SAYS TO BE CONTINUED!

I would cry of happiness, anticipation, and dread for not seeing the next episode for several weeks.

Sweet Suzanna in Alabama, I need to quit pestering myself about this and write, but it’s just so fangirl worthy!!

Congratulations, NeptoonStudios, you drove me into a fangirl attack over one word. I applaud you through my flipping out.

27 Aug 2013
Are you going to continue the mick x libby fanfic?

I can continue it if you want me to… I never really thought of adding more to it before, but if you think it would be a good idea, I could whip something up in the word oven and bake a shipping bread full of headcanon.

I am writing another separate one for the six year old cuties though, if that helps your shipping urges at all.

27 Aug 2013


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the closeness of these two. I mean, Laney doesn’t have that kind of crush on Corey where he’s perfect. In fact, I’m sure she could write a paper on things he needs to work on.

Now THAT is something needed for a relationship in my opinion. Just being able to yell at your crush and know he’s not perfect and has flaws shows how much really like them because your heart still flips out when you get close to them.

Really, look at this:


They can actually bicker and squabble like real people (though it does only happen scarcely). Seriously, they look married already.


This ship is what it’s like to have a real crush on your friend. In fact, it’s one of the best representations I’ve seen yet. Good job, NeptoonStudios. You got it right.


18 Aug 2013
Loving The Enemy

So does anyone remember that Grojband headcanon about Kevin and Alex being Newman fanboys just like Kate and Allie but boys? Well, I shamelessly made a Kate and Kevin fic because I’ve become just a tad obsessed with it. Enjoy~


"No way!" Kate, the lovable blonde Grojband groupie, screamed at her genderbent counterpart, Kevin, "Grojband totally shreds the icky Newmans."

The blue eyed boy glared at the girl infront of him, “Please, you’re just jealous! The Newmans are the best rocking girls in the universe, and their music is amazing! Grojband couldn’t hit a right note if they tried.”

Kate tensed in anger. Today had started off just fine. She and Allie were going to tell Corey about a cool new gig for Malcom Mellow’s, nephew of Mayor Mellow, birthday party held at town’s square. Everything was smooth sailing until they appeared in front of the TV store.

Kevin and Alex, the largest Newman fans in all of the world.

Oh, how she despised their very souls and existence. If she had her way, they would simply vanish into vapor so that they could never again mess with Grojband’s affairs as well as their own.

Each blonde sent their respective friend off to ensure their desired band was informed before starting off their fandom bashing banter. It had a been a long, drawn out argument, and neither one was willing to give in.

"Why you…" Kate growled protectively, and launched herself onto the Newman fanboy. Kevin instantly pushed her over and pulled her ponytail. The girl proceeded to smack him square in the face. This went on until the two were a mere puff of rising dust rolling into the park.

"Take it back!"


Ten minutes later, the two found fans of opposing bands found themselves out of breath and resting on the base of a shady tree at the park. How the two managed to get themselves here through their squabble was a mystery to them.

"You," Kate wheezed, "are a terrible person."

"Says," Kevin gasped in shallow breaths, "the stupid girl."

Kate managed the energy to level her voice, “The Newmans are girls too, stupid.”

"I didn’t say all girls were stupid, just you." Kevin smirked. Kate glared and kicked him the shin with as much force as she could muster.

"Ow!" The boy grabbed his injury, "You are so gonna get it."

He swiftly swerved around her and yanked out her ponytail holder, causing her long blonde hair to fall lightly around her small frame, a small wave took place from where her once firm holder had been.

The girl gasped and grabbed her hair, “You jerk!”

Despite her yelling, Kevin found himself suddenly stricken cold and silent, his eyes glued to the new view of his enemy. He knew she was the same, annoying girl from before, yet she looked more, for lack of better words in his mind, like a member of a cool band instead of a dumb Grojband groupie.

His thoughts were taken away as the girl tackled for the second time today. Quickly, Kevin fought back, and the two were once again going at it full throttle (although the boy still found her strange new look haunting the back of his mind).

The two didn’t know how long they fought, took a break, and went back it, but by the time they were on their fifteenth break, the sun was setting, and stars were beginning to dot the sky.

Kate found herself sneaking one or two glances at her opposite. She didn’t like to admit it, or even so much as think it, but he was always kinda cute (but no way on Corey Riffin’s level) in a rockstar way. He had smooth skin, soft, silky blonde locks of hair, and the brightest blue eyes that sparkled in the light of the sunset. Kevin awkwardly shifted his weight, startling the girl.

Her face colored as she looked back at the slowly setting sun. No, she couldn’t think those thought about him. He was the enemy, and an evil one at that.

Still, she found it nice to sit in peace with him for once, a moment where it was just the two of them being people, not fans, and relaxing in eachother’s presence. Not that she would let anyone else she secretly felt this way after her long fights with him. Surely she would be shamed into oblivion by the fandom she helped create if they discovered she felt anything for a member of the Newman fandom of all places.

Yet at the same time, she was happy she sorta liked him because he made it easy for her to be mad him. His good features would never shine over his bad, and she was glad for it. She could scream and yell at the top of her lungs and not care. Because he knew she hated him, and he would throw it right back at her. She could put up a barrier without never seeing him, and defend her band while his adorable smirk lay hidden in her thoughts.

Little did Kate know that Kevin thought the same of her.

True, he thought he hated her annoying guts, but he couldn’t stop the twisting in his stomach when she laughed, or the warm feeling he got when he caught her making frustrated faces as she adjusted her hairbow. He knew he hated her, but at the same time he really, really liked her.

And he hated it. Normally, he would have acted differently around her, but she was a fan of Grojband of all things, the people he hated most. Sometimes, he caught himself thinking what it would have been like if she was a Newman fan like himself. Would they get along, or would they still start fights about simple things? The mere thought of being closer to her in such a way both thrilled him and made him want to puke.

So he started being even meaner to her, calling her names, pulling her hair, and making fun of her in general. Yet, like a bad rash, she wouldn’t stop messing with his feelings. She had to be doing it on purpose, he decided. There was no way such an annoying girl could have such an adorable face and laugh, or have the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen. She had to be messing with him.

But right now, he was okay with it. It seemed fighting with her was the one thing his full mind and instinct could agree on, as he could be close to her while still insulting her, but he also liked this. Just sitting next to her as the sun set and stars started to twinkle, the only sound being the birds nestling and their own breathing.

They sat in the silence until the sun was barely peeking over the horizon, neither noticing the other’s admiring glances, or how close they were now sitting. If it were up to them, each blonde would have stayed forever, but the sick reality of life wasn’t going to let them go so easily.

"Kate!" A bubbly brunette ran up to the pair, "Grojband got the gig! They rocked it too! Sorry I didn’t come back. Corey had a mission for me, and I couldn’t deny it."

When Allie finally reached the pair, her tone and expression changed dramatically, “Is he messing with you, Kate? I’ll give him a piece of my mind. Hey, you, mister blonde and jerky! Did you-“

Kate quickly silenced Aliie, “I got it. Go wait for me over there, okay?” She gestured toward a far away park bench.

"You sure, Kate?" She quirked a brow, wondering why the blonde would act this way. Kate nodded and Allie was gone in a flash.

Sighing in a bit of disbelief, Kate turned to her enemy, who was now standing.

"Well," Kevin stretched until he felt the all too amazing pop in his bones. After which, he held out his hand to Kate, "you should get this back before you go, Grojfan."

The girl felt a shock fill her as she gently accepted her tie back, “Th-Thank you.”

When she tried to tie her back up, however, his warm hand stopped her, “It looks better down, almost cute.”

Both rivals lit up bright red as Kevin put even more space between them, “I-It’s not like I care or anything.” He said, stubbornly crossing his arms and looking at the ground.

Kate found herself grinning at his statement, and, before she even knew what was going on, leaned over to softly kiss him on the cheek.

"Maybe you Newfans aren’t so terrible after all." She smiled through her blush and ran off, leaving the boy in a stunned trance. All was quiet until his friend Alex ran up, panting like a wild animal.

"Dude- Grojband- won- tried to- stop-Allie-was crazy-and-" The glasses wearing boy quit his rambling when he noticed Kevin wasn’t moving, and his face was colored a bright hue.

"Dude," Alex managed to control a small amount of air as his mischievous smirk spread into place, "Were you flirting with the enemy again?"

The blonde jerked his head up and punched his friends arm, “It wasn’t like that!” He yelled, but his blush wouldn’t fade from his face.

"Uh-huh." Alex held the pained spot tightly, deciding it was worth it, "Whatever you say, Kev."


The End

So does anyone else ship this, or am I just on that lonely dingy waiting for the other boat to bring me a plug for my leak, but I know their not coming back, and I’m doomed to slowly sink?

-sigh- I’m just going to accept that there will never be fanart for Kevin and Kate, or Alex and Allie.

14 Aug 2013
Five Simple Words Ch. 12

His smile drive me crazy

but he’ll never know


Laney felt her fist clench as she fought back panic. That was her song, her personal feelings poored out onto paper in the form of words. Stealing it was low, even for Carrie, but that wasn’t the problem now. She had to find a new song and fast. Otherwise she would be disqualified for sure, making Grojband look like a pile of untalented leaches while she did so. She needed a plan, and she needed it fast.

I love it when he hugs me

in the winter snow


His laugh is like music

to my bruised ears


And when he’s sad

he’ll let me

dry his tea-rs


He’s beautiful, 

perfect, and more


Everything he does

I simply adore


His crazy schemes

His bright smile


The way he looks at me

makes me want go wild


I’m lost in the perfection

of this perfect bo-y


His eyes

his hair

his style

his personality-


Everything about him

drives me absolutely crazy


I’m lost in his perfection

my judgment’s getting hazy


"Lanes!" Corey seemed to attack her from nowhere, and proceeded to shake the small girl’s shoulders, "That’s your song!"

Laney grabbed his shoulder and shook him back, letting her panic roam free, “I know!”

"What are we gonna do?!"

"You’re the plan guy!" Laney shouted and shook him harder, "Think, Core!"

Corey screamed in frustration and took in a deep breath. His eyes glanced down to his hands, and he briskly removed them, his face twinging red. Quickly, he sorted through his messy thought for an idea.

Well, he’s not running away at least. Laney thought as she looked at his thinking form. Even though it was under the worst possible circumstances, she was happy to have her normal Core back even for just a few minutes.

Kin and Kon intruded on the scene, panting heavily, “Laney-” Kon inhaled.

"We lost-" Kin wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Corey?" The said union, "How did…"

"No time!" Corey screamed, "That thieving witch stole Lanes’s song! We have to fix it." He grabbed the twins and shook them, "NOW!"

Kin looked up at the ceiling of back stage, “Hmm…”


When we dance in the rain

cause we just don’t care


When we jam out anywhere


When he lifts me up

spins me around


When he hugs me

and I can’t reach the ground


It’s wonderful

It’s beautiful

It’s perfect


When he compliments me on my style

doesn’t mind if I stay here a while


I’ll laugh to his lame jokes

he’ll tell me I’m the best


And when I’m tired

I can lay on his shoulder and rest


"No." Laney groaned, "That won’t work either."

Kin and Kon frowned angrily, “You just don’t wanna accept the coolness.”

"Or maybe its the part where we can’t vaporize Carrie, and if we did, we’d be arrested." Laney clenched a small fist. Her temper was raging by now. So much, in fact, she had to resist the urge to stomp on stage and shove that mic down Carrie’s throat.

"Guys," Corey intruded, "We don’t need to fight ourselves. This isn’t Rocklympus."

Laney’s face lit up, “That’s it! How did Lanently win against Carrine when this happened to her?”

"Who in the what now?" Corey quirked a brow, but was ignored by his band.

Kon smiled, “Lanently knew that without an even better song than the one Carrine stole, she would lose the boy she loved forever, so she thought back to her many songs she had written for him, but only one truly trumped it.”

"And what was it?"

"A song that plainly told Coremane she was in love with him, but with a catchy beat and awesome words." Kin answered. Laney nodded and thought.

Corey didn’t give her time to think as he asked, “How about you sing a different song Lanes? Do you have any memorized?”

"Well…." Laney’s angry flush turned flustered. She did have one song memorized completely, but it was the one she had written in the dressing room. Normally, she would be able to sing it, but this one was a bit more embarrassing, as it literally addressed Corey in the song. Yes, she planned to confess to the boy, but not in this way.

"Lanes," Corey looked into her eyes with a serious yet gentle look, "Do you have one?"


His eyes

his hair

his style

his personality-


It’s all so perfect

as far as I can see


I’m lost in this world of his perfection

And I’ll never find my way out


But so long as I see the light

of his beautiful, gorgeous, twinkling eyes

I’ll be okay.


I still can’t believe I fell in love

so hopelessly with him


He may not see it

but that’s just fine


He doesn’t need to know

until it’s ti-me


Until then I’ll be here

lost in his perfection


Almost like I’m living in

a different dimension


But as long as I’m here with him

it’ll be just great


I’m free from the pressure

the hurt and the hate


"Fine." Laney grumbled at the three boys towering over her, "I’ll sing it, just stop it with he faces. The male members of Grojband high-fived quickly, and Corey gave her a nuggie just like old times.

"You’re going to do great, Lanes." He smiled, making his blush look even cuter to the girl. Laney felt her face heat up. That was, until a loud gasp burst through their bubble of fantasy.

"NO!" Kin screamed as he pushed Corey away and whipped out a brush, fixing Laney’s hair, "That was the perfect style for her outfit, you monster!"

Laney sighed and let the obsessive boy fix her hair. She should really rethink her friends.


he relieves me of my fears

makes me look forward something new


inside my mind saying

Perfect guy, I love you


His eyes

his hair

his style

his personality-


Every piece of him is perfect 

perfect to me-


He may never know it

I may never show it


But I’ll be okay

as long as he’s still he-re


He’s so beautiful, wonderful, and oh so much more (much more)

the perfection he holds goes far beyond anything I’ve seen


I’m lost in this perfection

But I guess that’s okay


If I can still be with you

like any other day


Carrie took in a deep breath and bowed at the crowd. Her band quickly got their instruments and left the stage, posing for a few photos before they left completely. The Newman leader looked at Grojband, and gave them a mocking wink as she strutted to her friends on the other side of the stage.

"And now," The announcer spoke from his corner stage position, "We have entree 3, Laney Penn who is also singing with her band Grojband."

Laney felt a mixture of anger and nervousness bubble inside of her as she placed a fake smile on and walked on the stage. She plugged in her bass as her bandmates did the same with their instruments. She walked up to her mic, and plucked it out of its clasp.

"Well, we had a little change in plans, but here it goes." She smiled nervously, "Count us in Kon."

Kon clapped together his drumsticks, “1, 2, 3, 4!”

Laney opened her mouth to sing the words she’d never thought she’d sing to a crowd this large.

Here I am

Once again

stuttering these stupid words


can’t say it to you

or to anyone else


have to keep it to myself


But in my dreams


These five simple words aren’t hard to say

I’ll love you forever, always


You’re perfect in my eyes

you brighten up my day


and that will always stay


You pick me up

when I fall


I don’t feel pain at all


You keep me safe

when it’s dark


you warm up my heart


Yet I can’t say it


Five simple words

to say to you


I try but clam up

and can’t say the truth


I’ll love you from now until forever

even if we can’t be together


It should be easy

to make myself say it


but your smile makes my knees buckle

and I can’t get it straight


Why do you

have to make it so hard


to be

in love with you


I tried so hard

to get you to say it first


after we got through the worst


but you never showed it back

and I couldn’t take that


but then you looked at me

and now I see-e


You always liked me too

I’m just so blind its true


I was a coward in the dark

keeping her lonely heart


from the guy

she loved

the one she dreams of


But now, it’s changed.

I-I’m gonna say it.


I know you feel the same,

so boy, you’re gonna get it


I’m finally gonna say

what’s on my mind


I’ve been in love with you from day one

you always kept me smiling

having so much fun


I kept falling more 

and more

and more

in love with you


as the days went o-on


Now here we are

we came all this way


through the hate

the smoke

the fire

and the pa-ain


So now I’m gonna say

don’t you interrupt


I have to tell it

How badly I’m in love with you


Five simple words

to say to you


finally gonna pull through


Time to confess

I-I’m gonna say it


These five words I’ve always written


I love you, Corey Riffin.

She finished her song with a few huffs. The crowd went crazy, but soon went into a hushed silence as Corey grabbed Laney’s hand. They watched in an anticipated silence.

Corey gently looked into his crush’s eyes, making sure he had heard the song right. Was it possible that she liked him back? Was he really so fortunate as to have a mutual relationship with her? Were feelings not unrequited? So many questions ran through his head.

"Lanes, I-" His words and his mind were silenced by the warm feeling of Laney’s lips formed against his own. Corey let his mind slip away as he returned it. Each of them poored the months and years of hidden emotion and passion into it.

The crowd began cheering massively as the two pulled away.

Laney smiled at her crush, “You talk too much.”

"So, you really like me back?" Corey, still bewildered, asked. Laney nodded with a bright red face.

"For over three years, Core. You’re really dense."

The boy’s eyes widened, “What?! How did you- Why didn’t I-“

Laney chuckled, “No idea. I’m just one of the guys, remember?”

"Definitely the prettiest guy I’ve ever seen." Corey wrapped the girl in an affectionate hug. Laney returned it until the announcer called out.

"Will Laney Penn and her blue haired amigo please leave the stage with the rest of her band?"

The two teens pulled away with flushed and walked across the stage hand in hand. As they stepped off the steps, Corey looked down at her.

"So, does this mean you’re my…" He blushed, not being able to finish his sentence.

"Girlfriend?" The red head asked. Corey bashfully nodded.

Laney giggled and gave him a light peck on the cheek, “Duh.”


"This thing is heavy." Laney grumbled, struggling to carry her massive first place trophy.

Corey laughed at his new girlfriend, “Need some help, Lanes?”

"No." Laney huffed, "You may be my boyfriend, but I can still take care of this."

Despite her words, Laney felt like she was in a dream. Corey laughed and patted her head.

"Whatever you say, Lanes."

Laney rolled her eyes, and continued walking. Her state of bliss and perfection was brought down by the sight of a forty two year old woman with blonde hair running down the street who happened to be none other than her mother, Wanda Penn.

"Laney!" She panted, "I missed- the show.. did you…win?"

Laney rolled her eyes and moved the trophy (which was just as toll as her) in her hands. Wanda screamed in delight and rushed to pick it up.

She kissed the metal object repeatedly, “Yay! I knew you could do it if you quit dressing like a hobo! I’m so proud of you. Look at my..err.. your trophy!” She happily took off down the street without another word, the object in her hands.

Laney blinked, slowly taking in what her mother just did, “So…what now?”

Corey smiled and laced his hand in hers, “Want to go to the park for a while?”

Laney smiled lovingly and leaned into him, “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”


(AN:) THERE!!!! DONE! FINISHED! FINALE! That took so long. The songs are kinda off because I need to edit them (my song writing skills aren’t too greatly polished), but take it and like the Corney!..or not. It’s really up to you.